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About Medinformer Health


Context: Health

User-friendly methods offer consumers readily accessible digital health information in healthcare environs, catering to both actively seeking consumers—Pull, and those patients identified by healthcare providers with relevant health information—Push

Tools and technology to help consumers navigate content and put the right information in the right format into their hands

 Supported by robust data and analytics platform to understand and monitor engagements


Using e-Brochure template which is platform versatile and has proven engagement impact

Transform Healthcare

What we deliver

  • 300+ referenced content topics embedded in website of market leading retailers Dis-Chem and Baby City


  • 7000 offline-to-online touchpoints in 500 stores
  • Medinformer presence in 1200 doctors and specialist rooms
  • Innovating in HCP sharing, practice software integration, WhatsApp delivery and continuous new developments
  • Delivering in excess of 1 million rich consumer engagements over the past twelve months

Deliver Exceptional Care

We know how busy life can be. That’s why we have committed to providing fast and reliable lab services.

Enhance People's Lives

For your convenience, we have created online lab, where you can track progress and check test results.

Be Genius In Healthcare

We know how important technology is when it comes to treatment. You can be confident in the quality of our tests and services. .